My Dear Grandpapa-cover

The Fascinating Story of a Young Woman and Her Step-Grandfather, George Washington

Shortly after Washington’s great victory over the British at Yorktown personal tragedy strikes the family. Martha’s only surviving child dies of a camp fever while assisting his step-father as an aide. Jacky Custis not only leaves behind a young widow but also four small children. From this loss springs a new chapter in George Washington’s life – the day to day responsibilities of being a step-grandfather. Join Nelly as she reflects on her incredibly fortuitous beginnings for a young girl; listen as she describes living in the presidential mansions, and as she witnesses life being breathed into a new nation. George Washington is a courageous colonel from the French & Indian War, he is the commander of the Continental Army that defeats the British Empire to win independence, and now, he is the new nation’s first president. To Nelly, he is all of these things, but most of all, he is her Dear Grandpapa.

Praise For Colonel Washington and Me

“Jeff Finegan takes a look at history through a new set of eyes: Those of a Mount Vernon slave who became the personal valet of our nation’s father. The story of William Lee provides valuable insights into the life of George Washington and the birth of our nation.”

Larry McShane, New York Daily News

“This is a magnificently illustrated, vividly told history of the founding of our nation as seen through the eyes of George Washington’s trusted servant William Lee. Here we get the story from the bottom up, by a historically true figure who comes to life like a character out of Dickens. It is solid history, wonderfully told, as alive as a fine work of fiction.” 

Donald L. Miller, Author of Masters of The Air 

“Colonel Washington and Me is a heartwarming story about loyalty and redemption. William Lee’s story is America’s story.”

Lou Reda, Lou Reda Productions

“This is a very nice story about relationships, progression of thought of humankind, processes of culture through time, devotion and loyalty. As a homeschooler of African American children, studying American history has often left my son with a negative taste in his mouth and mind. This is a refreshing approach to discuss actual historical documented events besides the vicious and brutal depiction of the usual books written about this era.”

Sherita Blackburn, Home School Mother