'Tis Well... The Life and Death of George Washington

‘Tis Well,  The Life and Death of George Washington, the second in a series of books that explores the life and legacy of our nation’s preeminent founding father, offers a distinctly different perspective than its predecessor, Colonel Washington and Me. Although the two books share similar highlights of Washington’s life, they differ, in that, 'Tis Well takes a deeper look into his family history and his early development and, has a strong concentration on the last two days of the general’s life and funeral.

Praise For 'Tis Well - The Life and Death of George Washington

“Jeffrey E. Finegan’s latest book, “Tis Well…The Life and Death of George Washington tells the story of Washington’s life through the eyes of Doctor James Craik, a Scottish immigrant who became Washington’s friend and family physician. The story of this strong friendship is enhanced with lovely illustrations by Preston Keith Hindmarch, and photographs of surviving documents from the period that relate to events in their lives.”

Mary V. Thompson
Research Historian

Scenes From 'Tis Well

Documents From 'Tis Well